Shades #2 unique piece

Shades #2
The simple sophistication of this area rug could make it the centerpiece of a room or the low-key companion of equally gorgeous objects. Its neutral tones would fit perfectly in a minimalistic interior.

Linen is a natural and eco-friendly material. It is produced locally, its cultivation requires little water, and it goes through very light chemical treatments. Linen also has practical benefits: it is soundproof, dust-repellant and regulates the temperature and humidity of its environment.

All my rugs are unique. I design and hand-make them in my studio in Brussels, Belgium. They are the result of lots of experimentation, patience, and a deep passion for fine craftsmanship. The technique I’ve developed yields resistant, durable rugs. They can be vacuumed and dry-cleaned.
Size/Diameter 120 x 180 cm
Material 99% linen, 1% others

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